Food Safety

Fertile Ridge Dairy carefully manages quality control to ensure optimal food safety and product quality.

Supply Management

Rejecting milk with antibiotics is and has been a standard practice in the United States. However, some food marketers have figured out that unknowing consumers will pay an extra buck or two for “antibiotic-free” and other special labels.

Don’t worry about tricks or gimmicks from us. Just 100% guarantee that our milk is fresh, safe and nutritious. Each batch is sampled daily. Our processor then pasteurizes each batch before making the milk into value-added dairy products.

As the world’s population climbs to 9 billion in the next 40 years, we will do our part to keep producing food.

Feed Quality and Traceability

More than 95% of the feed consumed by our cows is grown locally. We work with agronomy professionals to monitor soil composition, manage nutrient levels and control pest.

Finished crops are harvested for optimal feed quality. Feeds are quickly stored and naturally preserved to protect nutrients within the feed from contamination and oxidation.

We want every crop to reach an optimum level of production with minimal disruption of the soil.
Quality Control

Fertile Ridge Dairy has an intricate system of checks and balances to ensure production of a high-quality, pure and fresh product.  This is what the milking process looks like:

  • Cows enter the milking parlor three times per day. Because of they rest in beds of sand, the cows are typically very clean and dry before milking time. Prior to each milking, the cow’s udder and teats are disinfected with a specially-formulated liquid cleaner. Within 60 seconds, a milking unit is attached to the now clean and dry teats. Three to five minutes later, the cow is finished milking and the fresh milk is immediately pumped to the cooler.
  • The warm milk is sent through a series of cooling plates that rapidly decrease the milk’s temperature to 37 degrees Fahrenheit. The stainless steel cooling tank securely stores up to 60,000 pounds of milk (nearly 7,000 gallons) for up to 24 hours. Every morning, the milk is transported by tanker-truck to the processing facilities. Each load is tested for quality and assurance.
  • The milking parlor, equipment and facilities are thoroughly sanitized several times per day. Several times per year, Fertile Ridge Dairy is assessed by State and Federal inspectors to ensure that we exceed the quality and safety standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the State of Wisconsin.