Fertile Ridge Dairy is a conventional dairy, forage and grain farm located 20 miles southwest of Madison, Wisconsin. Since 1903, the Sutter family has raised Holstein cattle that produce whole milk, butterfat and milk protein. We also grow non-irrigated crops including alfalfa, corn, soybeans and wheat.

The name “Fertile Ridge” was given to the farm by our ancestors, who immigrated to the current location from an area in the corner of Germany just a stone’s throw from the border of Switzerland.

Located on the fertile ridges of Blue Mounds, the farm has provided food for communities and a way of life for our family for more than a century.

Fertile Ridge Dairy strives to produce safe, wholesome and nutritious food for the growing World population using the latest technologies, and reducing our carbon footprint through sustainable practices.

We love our cattle; they are like a part of our family. By providing them with the best care possible, around the clock, they reward us by doing what they naturally want to do: produce milk!